Capitol Hills Triangle Collaborative

The Central Hills Triangle Collaborative (CHTC) is the name for the Seattle Department of Neighborhood's (DON) funded campaign to build community awareness and support for lidding Interstate 5 from Marion Street to Thomas Street in Seattle. The area chosen is the anticipated study area to be funded as part of the Community Package Coalition. It is hoped that the CHTC results will inform the Office of Planning and Community Development's (OPCD) Lid I-5 Feasibility Study, which is part of the Community Package. Over seventy volunteers on seven design teams are working towards an October 2018 completion, and we have engaged hundreds of community members with our outreach. You can read about our second event, Collab One, here. Please contact us if you wish to participate in future events. 

John M Feit grant applicant and project manager; David Yeaworth of Catalyst Strategies community and economic development consultant.