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A design conscious architectural practice, 3+ helps our project partners contribute to the built environment by valuing discovery and delight rather than ego. We engage team members using a methodical and inclusive design process, ensuring the project's principle team members  - the client, the designer, and the builder, + the project's context - achieve gratifying results. 


The client is the genesis of the project; the person, organization, or entity who has a need, a vision, even a passion to build in order to fulfill their personal or institutional aspirations. The client not only conceives the project, but is to whom the project has the most enduring relationship. The designer is the team of professionals who guide the client from need to achievement. Composed of architects and specialist sub-consultants, the designer listens to, educates, and fulfills the client's vision. The builder is the steward of the client’s and designer’s efforts and the resource for achieving thrift, insight, and craft. Like the designer, the builder is comprised of specialists, each who bring their own sensibility, fresh eyes, and practicality to the project. The context is that within which the three principle contributors work and aim to make a positive contribution to. Varying from a silent to an active participant, the context can include the built and natural environment, its regulatory framework, as well as its cultural and natural landscape.


The designers of 3+ strive for economy in their efforts, reduction in complexity, and a lasting grace. They are vigilant that their reach not exceed their grasp, and readily accept guidance when they stray knowing that achieving even a few distinguishing attributes in a project is commendable. We are architects and we invite you to contribute to a 3+ project. Together, let us create something memorable.

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