John M Feit 

Principal Architect

John's architectural career spans 25 years, five cities, and both US coasts. He has been fortunate to work at AIA National Firm Award practices as well as an ASLA Landscape Firm Award winner. The same passion he maintains in design exploration is evident in his embrace of the heterogeneous landscapes of the Western United States, which he has photographed and explored by bicycle, foot, and telemark skis. Equally lured by urban landscapes, he is a frequent visitor to the world's great cities as well as those in the Pacific Northwest, both of which he has extensively written about. Willing to take chances both professionally and personally, he always manages risk by careful preparation and with an understanding that those he serves must have lasting, rewarding experiences.

John is an avid reader of architectural, cultural, and economic history, and is an environmentally and ethically inspired vegetarian. He lives on Capitol Hill, Seattle, with his partner of 25 years, Emiko as well as the occasional foster cat(s).

John M Feit and Emiko Takahashi Outdoor Exploration