Pike|Pine Urban Neighborhood Council (P|PUNC)

John Feit has been chair of P|PUNC since 2009, during which he has led it to become one of the city's most respected and trusted neighborhood land-use organizations. Strongly supported by a community that welcomes growth in return for quality development, P|PUNC meets regularly with city officials, developers, advocates, and architects to achieve the best possible outcomes. John is especially proud of his involvement in crafting the Pike Pine Conservation District, a unique to the nation, market based incentive program that rewards developments with an extra floor of height if they choose to conserve 'character structures'. The program has not only achieved a tangible record of Pike|Pine's architectural history, but has yielded hundreds of additional housing units in one of Seattle's most popular neighborhoods.

Chophouse Row

Chophouse Row, developed by Dunn and Hobbes, P|PUNC supporter and leader in developing mixed-use projects in urban village neighborhoods.