We place a premium on process. Its means may change but its goals are constant: to educate and engage team members, to test clarity and integrity of approach, and to act as a metric to evaluate progress. What strikes new team members as different and effective is its being grounded in a simple graphic language. Design topics are evaluated by drawing them with clients, other designers, and builders alike - allowing for critiques of any topic. When engaging the project's context (be it users, the community, agencies, etc) we use the same approach.

The means vary from childlike sketches to computer modeled drawings. A common theme, regardless of media, is using each drawing to examine a single topic. We have found that focus promotes clarity and accessibility, often prompting even the most unassuming team member to contribute. When assembled and evaluated, the single idea sketches allows the 3+ team to measure progress and take action. 

The bottom line: when you join a 3+ team, be prepared to draw. No special skills required, just the desire to explore, collaborate, and act. Click any image to the right to learn more.