SDOT Secure Bicycle Enclosures at Sound Transit Stations

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) commissioned parking demand models and schematic designs for secure bicycle enclosures at three Sound Transit (ST) stations. Working with ST, Metro, and the University of Washington (UW), SDOT asked the design team to come up with three unique, site specific designs each of which served an area with a different demand profile. The sites chosen include one at the UW, one on Capitol Hill, and one in the International District, and include a stand-alone, all new structure, repurposing of an existing structure, and one integrated within a ST station structure. To give SDOT and the other agencies a range of options upon which to base their negotiations, each enclosure design was authored by a different member of the architectural team.


John M Feit design lead and project manager. Jeff Busby and Emily Woods project designers. Alta Planning and Design demand modeling. Work completed while at Schemata Workshop.

Rainier Vista Husky Stadium Station
Rainier Vista Husky Stadium Station
Pioneer Square Station
Capitol Hill Station