Complete Architectural Services

3+ is a full service architecture practice with experience in civic, office, mixed-use residential, higher education, single family, manufacturing, and infrastructure projects. Click the work tab for selected examples. As reflected in our projects, we have worked with both experienced, institutional clients to whom hiring architects is par for the course, to clients who have just an inkling as to what architects do and need to engage their services for the first time.

To assist you with your project, we are well versed at:

  1. programming (what should be included in the building, profiles of users and their needs)

  2. conceptual design and feasibility (early sketches of initial concepts, project goals, and principles)

  3. schematic design (early options to choose a project direction and testing ideas)

  4. land-use permitting and design review (checking the design with city agencies for use, height, bulk, and scale, as well as required improvements)

  5. design development (finalizing the design)

  6. construction documentation and building permitting (the drawings that are needed to build the project and obtain the required permits)

  7. construction contract administration (working with the builder to ensure the design is executed in conformance with the construction documents)

  8. community engagement & public process (building consensus so that the design is compatible with neighborhood and others' needs)

  9. coalition building and urban design advocacy (shaping policies and informing the debate on our built environment)

  10. sustainable design and green building (design that is light on the land and is economical and mindful in its use of resources)

Regardless of your building type or experience working with an architect, we strive to make the process as enjoyable, informative, and rewarding as possible. Please visit the profileprocess, advocacy, and blog sections of our website to learn what distinguishes the 3+ approach.

If you are still curious about what an architect does, the history of the profession, and more, Wikipedia has a nice summary.